KYOVA Writers Anthology


This is the second anthology my Finder’s Keepers world has appeared in… in this story, we see how Joffrey and Sophia got together… two characters that will show up more near the end of  Southern Discoveries: Book Two – Finder’s Keepers Series

Joffrey is the last remaining Sentinel Earth-side, and while in search of his missing Brethren, he finds himself in Canada … instead of Finding the missing Sentinels, he locates a group of Danshue doing what evil Fae do best… taking and abusing a group of magical children in order to steal their gifts…

Anxious to be on his way to Find and save his missing Sentinel buddies, he wants nothing more than to save the kids, eliminate the threat, and be on his way… Poor Joffrey… he never saw Sophia coming…

Sophia is freaked out by her new job… she’s just supposed to be the secretary of the out-of-the-way Orphanage, but the people in charge of the children are giving her the creeps… her first weekend off, she is determined to check up on the kids… she sneaks into the run down building, in the middle of the night, when she should be off enjoying her first week’s pay… nothing could have prepared her for what she Finds…

Joffrey and Sophia have to learn to work together if they want to get the kids safely out of Canada, while staying ahead of the Danshue hot on their trail…

Muhahaha…. this weekend, the KYOVA writers plan to do a singing of the anthologies Yours Forever and Fresh Currents, out at the South Shore Library in Greenup Kentucky… I don’t have a story in Yours Forever, but Joffrey and Sophia’s story can be found in Fresh Currents in my short Hidden Bounty… I plan to spend Feb 13 with my fellow writers, and I hope that anyone in the area has a minute or two to come out and get your book signed…

alright peeps… I’m off to edit some more… always with the dang edits… Hopefully by next week I will be able to get an excerpt from Hidden Bounty for you guys to enjoy… right now, I’m not sure what actually went into the anthology… there was a little bit of miscommunication over my short… lol… when I told Cathie – fellow writer and the one in charge – that the longer version of the story was better than the version she had, she immediately said that longer would be the way to go… lol… poor woman had to shorten my story so that it wasn’t quite 15 k words…

apparently that was a little too long, but hey, she said to go longer… but not to worry… I still have the longer one, and one day I will tack it on as an extra, at the back of one of my novels… that way nothing will be lost… though Cathie assures me that the story didn’t actually change… still, I find myself a bit anxious… but that means that I want to wait to send out an excerpt… so, until next week, happy wordage

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