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Insanity of Tracey Clark

as I branch out into different series, this list will grow… for now enjoy MS posts, art comments, and author’s life

2a25cb9d93574a63743ea1e33d983e59   Multiple Sclerosis News Blog

This is my site about all things MS… My life with the disease, not so fun facts, and how I manage to smile through the ups and downs… (each day – good or bad – I try to find something that I want to do…) What I can’t do today, I may be able to do tomorrow… life with MS is one day at a time…

Clark Arts and Crafts

There is a lot of down time in my life. Down time that I try to fill with artistic projects. When I don’t feel up to writing or editing (dang MS headaches) I turn to my paints and my beads and yarn… this means that I create a lot of my own swag… art has always meant a lot to me… and each piece I create adds to that feeling… I try to post about these pieces and say a little about them… sometimes I explain how I made the object, while other times I talk about the feelings and inspirations that went into the art…


Finder’s Keepers – Author Tracey Clark

Muhahahaha…. This is my site for all the insanity in my life… updates on book progress, ranting and ravings, guest posts from fellow authors, and writing prompts that others are free to use to inspire their own writing… there are sneak peeks and everyday insanity… writing is all about connecting with readers… I want my readers to enjoy my work, and I welcome comments and questions… my only rule in blogging/life – leave the snark at home… I will post the comments made by most visitors, but anyone using abusive or hostile language should find somewhere else to post…

lake c

Skymann Brothers

Skymann Brothers is my latest series… one I hope to find a traditional publicist for. These boys are down in the Lake Cumberland area. They work hard, play even harder, and love getting in each other’s business.

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