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Shocking Finds is almost here… if you are interested in getting a discounted price for the paperback version from me, just follow the link below…

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$10 instead of 13.99…

or pick up the E-book for 2.99 at Amazon *also found at similar retailers… see Books page from more info

then on Oct 26 you can sit back and enjoy 370 pages of paranormal/fantasy romance

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Fae assassins, Betrayal, a burning connection of lust and love that won’t be denied… and a few misbehaving powers…

Follow Marin as she tries to control her out of control emotions and the electric gift that flares out of control as her temper gets a little to hot to handle…


Paranormal Romance at it's finest. Follow Marin and the Fae entering her life. Betrayal, Fae assassins, steamy and undeniable lust … magic and the unknow.

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